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Waddamana Power Station Heritage Site

Destination Southern Tasmania
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Experience some of Tasmania’s most significant industrial heritage with a visit to Waddamana Power Station Heritage Site. Located in Tasmania’s rugged Central Highlands, Waddamana is the site of Hydro Tasmania’s first power station and the centrepiece of the Great Lake Power Scheme. Construction of the Scheme began in 1910, and the opening of the A Station in May 1916 by Governor General Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson heralded Tasmania’s move into the industrial age.

The 1920s and 1940s saw the Scheme expand with the commissioning of the Shannon Power Station and Waddamana B Station respectively. This brought an influx of migrant workers to the Highlands community, with new customs and traditions. Waddamana A and Shannon were decommissioned in 1964, while Waddamana B continued to operate until 1995. Now open to visitors, Waddamana Power Station provides a unique look at the history and development of hydropower in Tasmania.

• Tour through the turbine hall, with mighty Pelton wheel turbines that first began generating electricity over a century ago.

• View the penstocks - the steep pipes built in the early 1900s that transported the water downhill and into the station.

• Enjoy historical photographs, videos and shared stories that provide an insight into early village life. A short drive from Bothwell, Waddamana Power Station is at the half way point of the Highlands Power Trail, a self-drive journey through the Great Lake Power Scheme.

Waddamana features an EV charger which is free to use, and available during the site's opening hours.

Waddamana Road
Waddamana, Tas, 7030
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